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Design a personalised and unique carsticker
It's simple, unique and personalised products!
Show who you are with a personalised and unique sticker for cars
It's simple, unique and personalised products!

Personalised stickers

First figure for $4.00, each additional $3.00. The text is included for free!

Custom and die-cut vinyl stickers for cars and caravans
Personalise your car, door, scooter, laptop, mailbox etc.
  • Show your fab family and each members personality or design an image sticker that shows who you are.
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Create your own sticker

Personalised mugs

Create your own mug for only $12.90 and if you buy more than one, you get 20% discount!

Create your own personalised mugs and cups
Design your ideal mug for your special moments.
  • Combine your creativity with our awesome figures to create an original and unique product.
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Give away a sticker

From $7.00

Gift idea - buy a personal gift card for your family and friends
Surprise your family and friends with an extraordinary gift
  • We are sure they will love it!
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Why are we called OriginalPeople?
Because if you think of all the billions of people living on our earth, no one is the same.
Every person, every family and every pet is Original.
Therefore we want to provide personalised products that attracts everyone of you.
Be original with OriginalPeople!

What our customers say:

We want to offer products that make people smile! That makes our day!

Received our decals today. Awesome. Just love them. Thank you ❤❤.
Ellen, Scotland
I just wanted to pass this along - On the left is my stick figure “family” car sticker from 2016 featuring 22 year old me and my cat. On the right is the current version featuring my fiancé and both our cats. We have them on both our cars now and love them - we’ll probably need new stickers in the next few years as our family grows! Thank you so much! What started out as a joke 4 years ago has turned into an awesome way to mark milestones in my life!
Molly, United Kingdom
Got my sticker and applied it on the car. The kids love the sticker, because it describes their favorite hobbies. My girl likes shopping, middle son likes football and the small one love to play iPad.😃
Christine, USA