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Create your design using our avatars and icons or your own images, texts, etc.

Our insulated & personalised Thermo mugs

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Insulated, sustainable, stainless steel and 100% personalised

The Ideal Adventure Bottle

Upload your own photos, images of your children's drawings, prints, texts, etc.

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100% Personalised

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Core Company Values



Our products are crafted by hand, and checked individually.


Everyday we aim to reduce our impact on the environment to create a better future.

Fast Delivery

Receive your order within 24-48 hours with Express delivery! Tracked shipping to your door.


Personalised products, handmade like a custom piece of art just for you.

You’re helping out!

6 million tonnes of plastic waste get produced daily. At OriginalPeople we want to combat this trend with reusable, high-quality products that last for years, as well as a sustainable production process.

List Of Verified Reviews

List Of Verified Reviews

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How Does It Work?

Frequent Questions & Answers

Can I personalise all the products?

Yes! All our products are Designed by You. Each piece is unique and handcrafted in a sustainable way by our team.

What countries does OriginalPeople ship to?

We deliver worldwide. Check our Country list to learn more.

How long is the delivery time?

The normal time is 4-6 work days. 

Do you have free shipping?

Yes! We have free shipping on orders above $49.00. Be smart and take the opportunity to buy some gifts to family and friends, or order together with your neighbour to get free shipping.

This is how we do it

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