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3 Simple Steps


Create your Design & add Text

Choose stick figures from our library with over 1000 designs! You can add persons, pets and symbols. Add text, choose font and emojis.


Choose Colour, Size & Disposition

Choose black or white vinyl and size depending on the surface you will apply the sticker on. Choose Inverted if the sticker is going to be placed inside a car.


Apply to Any Flat Surface

You can place your personalised sticker on a car, camper/caravan, mailbox, fridge, laptop etc. Any flat surface you want to decorate.

List Of Verified Reviews

List Of Verified Reviews

Verified review
How Does It Work?

Watch Our Instruction Videos

How to apply our decals
How to remove our sticker decals
Follow these instructions

Step By Step

01.Before Applying

Clean the surface. Use a credit card or nail to rub the lines/details, ensuring that all the small parts are stuck on the transparent mounting film.

02. Separate the mounting film

Separate the film from the thicker paper, starting in one corner. Be sure to bend the thicker paper in a backwards motion while holding the film steady. If a detail stays on the thicker paper, reapply the film to the thick paper and rub with the card.

03. Apply to surface

When you have removed the thicker paper, apply the film with the sticker on the surface you have chosen. When the sticker has been applied, scrub over the stick figures to ensure they are stuck on the surface and all air bubbles are gone.

04. Remove film

Remove the mounting film in a sharp angle. Start in one of the corners working your way across. If a part of the sticker follows the film, reapply the film and rub over the detail again.

Caution with extreme cold or heat

Check these symbols

Clean the surface thoroughly
To clean the surface you can for example use a glass cleaner.
Beware of the temperature
Do not apply your sticker to a surface superior to 30 degrees or inferior to 8 degrees.
How Does It Work?

Frequent Questions & Answers

What are the stickers made of?

High-quality premium vinyl.

Is the vinyl weatherproof?

Yes! Our vinyl decals will last many years, in outdoor conditions like rain, snow and sun. They won't expand or shrink in different weather so the surface won't crack, nor will the colours fade, making them perfect to use on cars, RVs & mailboxes.

Where can the stickers be applied?

They can be applied on all flat surfaces.

Are the sticker decals easy to apply?

Yes! And each sticker comes with an easy-to-understand instruction.

How do I remove the sticker?

First either use hot water or the hair dryer to heat up the vinyl. Then with the help of a plastic knife, card or simply your nails, you can peel off the sticker.

Did you know that we make them by hand?



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